Concrete Forms Services Inc. - Ez-Footings® produces aluminum forming systems for footings and foundations. We reduce labor costs and the ongoing expense of buying consumables. In our dialog with many customers and concrete associates around the county and the world, one thing becomes clear: The need for efficient and simple to use systems. A topic of many concrete associations and business owners is the aging work force, skilled labor, the younger generation’s changing work styles, ect. Our forming systems help tremendously to ease the burden on the entire crew. Customers have reported great savings in a number of areas:

  • First among them is labor savings, on average customers see a 40% - 50% increase in labor production.
  • There are no lumber or nail purchases.
  • Being able to use the same set of forms for 2000+ pours.
  • Less weight for crews to carry when setting up and stripping.
  • Being able to haul more forms with less weight in your truck or on your trailer.
  • Less concrete waste as there are no overlaps or blow-outs.

      The advantages are many. The bottom line is we retain our aging work force as long as possible by making their jobs easier while satisfying the newer generation’s passion for efficient systems.