We offer a wide variety of footing form sizes in both height and length.

Form Height
Our most common form heights are; 8", 9", 10", 12"
     If those would not be suitable for your application we can build any form height from 6" (inch) to 24" (inch) tall in one inch increments. We also offer a "Double Stack Bracket" which would allow you to stack the same length forms on top of each other to achieve a deeper footing.
Form Length
Irregardless of form height the length can range from 6" (inch) to 24' (foot) long.

     A "Standard Set" of forms would typically be all the same height of form and have lengths ranging from 6" (inch) to 16' (foot) long. We can build up to 24' long forms but most customers prefer no longer than 16' for the ease of transport. There are a few things to consider when determining your form height. Some customers like to set the top of their forms to grade and screed off the top. Many other customers prefer to set forms, chalk a line to grade and finish down inside the forms. Depending on your preference this can play a role in the height of forms you choose. We know there are different building codes all over the world but with this versatile system you can form up just about anything.